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How to apply: Fill out this application. If you have questions when filling out the form, email

Local News Reporter

Your job could include covering breaking and police news, general assignment, beats such as government, courts and schools and community news features. All local reporters file stories and regular updates for our website,, and take photos and videos. You also can develop enterprise stories. Your work will appear in local sections, the full-run Metro and A sections and online. You might work in any of our five offices in four counties in the Tampa Bay area. 

Skills required:
Previous reporting experience (professional internships covering local news preferred).
Good writing skills, including attention to accuracy, grammar and spelling.
Good news judgment.
Comfort with digital platforms and social media.
Pluses: Public records knowledge and foreign language skills.

Business News Reporter

From tourism to housing development to the job market, business news is one of the most important topics for our readers. You will cover, for online and print, local and occasionally national business stories on topics including retail sales, real estate, banking, tourism, aviation and transportation, personal technology, utilities, local corporate headquarters and more. These internships are in our downtown St. Petersburg or downtown Tampa offices. Your work will appear on our website,, and throughout our paper, from 1A to the business section to local pages.

Skills required:
Previous reporting experience. (Previous experience covering business news is helpful. Previous professional internships preferred.)
Good writing skills, including attention to accuracy, grammar and spelling.
Good news judgment.
Comfort with digital platforms and social media.
Pluses: Knowledge of business and financial reports and public records.


Copy Editor

The copy desk is one of the busiest staffs in the newsroom. You’ll edit staff and wire copy for print, online and tbt*, our free weekly newspaper. You'll work with assigning editors or reporters to solve problems. In addition to writing active and engaging print headlines, you’ll write web headlines that will ensure good search results. 

Skills required:
Excellent grasp of grammar, spelling, AP style.
Good news judgment with an ability to spot holes in stories and work with others to fix them.
Top-notch headline writing skills, including knowledge of how to apply SEO.
Comfort with digital platforms and social media.
Ability to edit in Adobe InCopy is a plus.


Web Producer

This job offers opportunities to gain and polish skills in curating a website, creating web-exclusive content and assisting with social media campaigns that engage readers. On any given day, assignments might involve editing and updating the site, researching and building a photo gallery, rewriting a press release, brainstorming ideas for a video, researching and assisting with shareable graphics, reporting for quick-hit enterprise stories or assisting our social media team. At the end of your internship, you will have an array of digital and print work to enhance your portfolio.

Skills required:
Writing and editing in short forms: captions, summary graphs and web headlines with good SEO.
Idea-generator with ability to handle multiple assignments within a given time frame.
Social media skills and familiarity with best practices.
Self-starter who can work with minimal direction and pick up new computer programs quickly.
Strong journalism skills and news judgment.
Helpful but not mandatory: A smattering of html knowledge to troubleshoot situations.
Familiarity with Photoshop.
Experience with digital tools such as ScribbleLive.


Web Designer

Being a web producer/designer on means wearing many hats. Sometimes we code while other times we produce graphics (interactive or static). Sometimes we collaborate with video productions, while other times we are involved with project solutions and strategy. Our collective mission is figuring out the best way to tell stories digitally. The Times is open to new ideas for presenting and communicating great stories. The folks you’ll work with here have deep knowledge and experience – from award winning writers and editors to renowned photographers, videographers and designers. If you can bring your “webby” skills and ideas to the table, we can make sure you’ll find engaging work.

Skills required:
Bachelor’s degree or degree that can be completed remotely during the course of your internship. (For one year interns). Degree or degree-seeking student for semester internships.
Excellent grasp of html/css.
Comfortable with js & jquery.
Good feel for information/data visualization and web-based tools for integration.
Good web design and UI/UX sense.
Comfortable with CMS environments.
Good news judgment and feel for display hierarchy.
Proficiency with Adobe CS5 or 6 tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver (or equivalent).
Video/audio editing capabilities a plus.

Data Reporter

The Tampa Bay Times data team is looking for fantastic data journalists, web designers and news-minded hackers to be interns or fellows with us.

Our seven-person team analyzes data to inform and improve the world. We also use web development to experiment with better ways to tell news stories online. And we write computer code that helps our traditional newsroom do impactful journalism in a digital era — in both how we find stories and how we present them.

Our interns tackle big, ambitious projects as full-fledged members of the team. The intern who started here in January spent the last 10 months analyzing data and building graphics to show what happened to black children when our schools resegregated. The intern who started in June has rewritten much of our longform-story infrastructure, learned to both analyze data and make d3 charts, and shared bylines on front-page stories about presidential fundraising.

Our next intern could be a great reporter who finds watchdog stories in spreadsheets. Or a web designer / graphics maven with innovative ideas about digital storytelling. Or a statistics / computer science student who wants to use those skills to inform the public. You don’t have to be a journalist right now. You do have to want to be one.

You must have skill at data reporting, web development, infographics or statistics. Aside from that, we have one main criteria: You’re already great at one thing. You want to be great at more.

Coming here means joining a newsroom filled with young talent and seasoned veterans willing to mentor. You get to live by the beach and cover Florida, America’s most divine state for news, where a mayoral race being decided with a deck of cards was the second-craziest thing that happened last week.

Sound like you? Send us:

A resume
A cover letter. Tell us what your dream internship on our team would look like. Then pick one thing from this list of projects our paper has done, and tell us how your skills could have helped make it better.
Clips/work samples. A clip could be a published story, a web page you built, a graphic you made or your GitHub account. It could be a crazy multitenancy Node.js app. It could be a really gripping flowchart. Show us your best work, whatever form it takes.


News Photographer

As a news photo intern, you’ll have the same responsibilities as any other staffer using still photographs, video and social media to cover daily assignments, sports and spot news. Interns also will have the opportunity to work on longer term projects. We provide camera bodies, lenses, laptops and mileage reimbursement at .30 a mile. You will be based out of either the Tampa or St. Petersburg office. The ideal candidate has a strong visual eye, is adept at handling stills and video, is passionate about community journalism, can be put into any situation and adapt quickly and be a part of a strong team. Interns must have an understanding of social media as it relates to visual reporting. Candidates also will be expected to enterprise ideas that are both daily and long term and work with editors to see them through both online and in print. Interns must be proficient in PhotoShop, PhotoMechanic or equivalent, iMovie, Adobe Premiere and/or Final Cut. Interns must also understand how to send photos using FTP, along with writing clear and concise captions.

For more information about news photo internships, contact Boyzell Hosey, deputy editor for photography, at or (727) 893-8571.


How to apply: Fill out this application form. If you have questions, email

Digital Sales

Imagine being on the cutting edge of digital marketing, while enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you are creative, self-motivated and looking for an opportunity to prepare yourself for a successful career in multi-media advertising sales, this is the internship for you. is the largest media website in the Tampa Bay market. Paired with the Pulitzer Prize winning Tampa Bay Times and contemporary tbt*, is an exciting environment for an intern. Our Digital Sales Internship will include the following educational and practical experiences:

1. Creative Ad Development: Learn how to communicate the client's message effectively through banners, video, sponsorships and distinctive digital components.
2. Media Sales Training: Learn to prospect effectively, make appointments, present
solutions and close the business.
3. Ad Operations: Learn how to get the campaign on the web and maximize its potential for the client.

Our New Business Development team has a leader with more than 30 years of media sales experience in newspapers, radio, TV and digital. The Team's camaraderie, encouragement and mentoring provide support for interns as they learn.

Applicants should be rising juniors or seniors with media experience at the college newspaper, website, radio, or TV station. Retail sales experience is a plus. A passion for sales and the personality to match are mandatory.

Internships may be considered at any time of the year. 


Advertising Sales

The Tampa Bay Times seeks a paid intern to join our advertising sales/marketing team. Our advertising department provides local and national companies with multi-media solutions for growing their businesses. As an intern, you will participate in the various stages of print and online advertising sales. You will work with our internal marketing team as they build our company brand through a variety of business to business and business to consumer communications and events.

You should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment. You can expect to gain broad experience in various aspects of advertising and marketing.

Assist in the sale and execution of print and online advertising campaigns.
Assist in the generation of sales leads from various competing media.
Assist with the preparation of sales presentations.
Assist with gathering research for specific presentation purposes.
Perform analysis of marketing and sales data.
Seek and analyze competitor marketing and sales materials both on and offline. 
Enter contact information into contact management systems. 
Provide support to social media sales efforts.
Shadow outside sales executives in the field.
Assist in creation of sales materials.
Assist in creating B2B messages for email communication.
Participate in sponsorship events.

Applicants should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, with extensive knowledge of digital and social media. PowerPoint, Word and Excel experience is a bonus and will be considered when choosing the best applicant for this position.

Marketing, Business, Advertising, Communications, or other like degree.

Web Developer

Write testable, efficient code by using best software development practices
Create website layout/user interface by using standard HTML/CSS practices
Integrate data from various back-end services and databases
Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs
Create and maintain software documentation
Stay plugged into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities

Skills required:
Experience in web programming
In-depth knowledge of modern HTML/CSS
Familiarity with javascript
A solid understanding of how web applications work
Adequate knowledge of relational database systems, Object Oriented Programming and web application development
Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skills



How to apply: Fill out this application form. Please tell us which of the following four positions you are interested in and submit the appropriate materials, as described below. If you have questions, email

Branding creative

You have original ideas and are itching to share them. Whether it’s through words or images, you’re confident that you can help businesses make a marketing impact. You’re comfortable in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment and will stop at nothing to create the best possible work for your clients. You’re a writer or designer. You’re a team player, a problem solver and a customer service professional. You will be responsible for contributing to the brand identity of the Tampa Bay Times and/or its clients and partners though copywriting, design or both.

Ideally, you’ll be:
Pursuing a creative advertising or marketing degree.
Comfortable in a collaborative, deadline-driven environment.
A fast learner who shows initiative in his or her given role.
Knowledgeable about your area of focus, including any relevant programs or software (e.g. the Adobe Creative Suite).

Digital creative

Do you love creating interactive user experiences and designing engaging motion graphics or video? If so, you may fit right in here. As an intern, you'll be designing web experiences for desktop and mobile, using the latest in responsive/HTML5 standards. The best part – there's always a digital problem to solve, so you'll never get bored!

Ideally, you’ll be:
Experienced in front-end web technology including HTML, CSS and WordPress.
Passionate about user experience, design and problem solving.
Familiar with video production or editing/motion graphics.
Accountable for holding high web standards and progressive in your search for “what’s next.”

Advertising creative

You’re a designing machine. You strive to produce work with the speed and accuracy of a seasoned professional. With this internship, you should be prepared to nurture an ad from its inception to completion. You’ll create original work, you’ll correct existing work and you’ll finish others’ work if they’re unable to. You’ll do it all and you’ll do it on deadline. Your ability to focus in a fast-paced environment will come in handy, whether you’re designing print, web or spec ads. Your attention to detail and strong work ethic allow you to create work that wows its audience.

Ideally, you’ll be:
Proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, Animate and Illustrator.
Comfortable juggling multiple projects and working on deadlines.
Confident speaking to sales reps and teammates about your work.
Able to receive and provide critique to produce the best overall creative.