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The goal of the Barnes Scholarship program is to help smart students afford the college education they deserve. But the stories of these young people are inspiring - their resilience, determination and dreams. 

The Barnes Scholarship program launched in 1999 and sent the first four students off to college in 2000. You can read about them and the other students who have been winners of the Barnes Scholarship below.

2018 winners: Morgan Buchanan, ErrDaisha Floyd, Vanessa Toro
Illness, family challenges inspire them to aim for the best in life

2017 winners: Keylonnie Miller, Kelvine Moyers, Multazem Oliver, Hang Nguyen
Losses challenge them to grow up fast

2016 winners: Rachel Baber, Juan Leis-Pretto, Naomi Mora, Kevin Solomon
Setting their sights high, dreaming big

2015 winners: Jonah Free, Alvin O'Garro, Mackenzie Marques, Manuel Tejeda
Inspiring, resilient, chasing their dreams

2014 winners: Yasmin Ibarra, Brianna Shilling, Noor Tasnim, Zaria Teal
Meet this year's winners
They are climbing the ladder of success

2013 winners: Juan Dominguez, Mary Kujak, Jamie Scott, Aubrey Wetzelberg
Announcing the winners

2012 winners: Nourhan Elsayed, Ayushe Misra, Basil Jackson, Ruben Godinez
Striving for success, against the odds
Whole world in their hands
Ayushe Misra: The trip that changed her life.

2011 winners: Fedner Lauture, Kelsey McDonald, Tuba Sahiti, Roberto Villalba.
Announcing the winners
Dreams for their futures
Meet Roberto Villalba at Cornell.
Meet Kelsey McDonald at Princeton.
Meet Fedner Lauture at Duke.
Meet Tuba Sahiti at Harvard.

2010 Kristin Rebescher, Briana Smith, Shantaviae Wynn, Katherine Yerkes.
Meet the winners...

2009 winners: Chantell Albert, Taylor Cochran, T.J. Holdstein, Jem Lugo.
A milestone year ... another 4 great students
Taylor Cochran and international study abroad

 2008 winners: Lotiffa Colibao, Emily Lester*, Camille McAvoy, Khalid Pagan, James Walmer.
Four scholarships awarded, one given in memoriam
Remembering Emily Lester
2007 winners: Mark Adams, JenniferLynn Griffith-Delgado, Zachary Taylor, Han Zhu.

2006 winners: Erin Braden Hendricks, Gregory Horn, Zorana Kojic, Abbey Surrena.

2005 winners: Carla Baricz, Adrian Diaz, Canaan McCaslin, Sarah Plikunas.
Honoring their families

2004 winners: Shakira Carter, Ashley Kuhn, Joshua Reed, Jian Zheng.
Making the grade

2003 winners: Amber Bellefleur, Bryan Casanas, Dyane Jean Francois Fils, J. Ruben Pope.
Success brings opportunities

2002 winners: Wanyda Jean-Baptiste, Chad Jones, Monica Ospina, Jaremy Shelton.
Dreaming big dreams

2001 winners: Ronda Green, Jaime Rios, Heidi Rochester, Magdalena Stolarczyk.
Reaching for the brass ring

2000 winners: Adrienne Holland, Michelle Hurtado, Brad Labez-Tapang, Kuon Lo.
The first Barnes Scholars