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Tampa Bay Times Fund, Inc.
Board of Directors

Neil Brown
Andrew P. Corty
George Rahdert
Paul C. Tash

Neil Brown
Andrew P. Corty
Joe DeLuca
Sebastian Dortch
Paul C. Tash

Paul C. Tash, president
Andrew P. Corty, secretary and treasurer

Scholarship Committee:

Ben Hayes
Paul C. Tash
Wendy Wallace
Sherri Day
Ernest Hooper

Finance Committee:
Andrew P. Corty
Paul C. Tash

Grants Committee:
Paul C. Tash, chair
Andrew P. Corty
Joe DeLuca
Sebastian Dortch
Bruce Faulmann
Sherri Day: staff

The Tampa Bay Times Fund Inc.
f/k/a The St. Petersburg Times Fund, Inc.
f/k/a The St. Petersburg Times Scholarship Fund Inc.;
f/k/a The Poynter Fund Inc.    Washington, D.C. 10/09/1953.
Fed I.D. #59-6142547
FL incorporation documents filed August 1995

Members -- Per bylaws, maximum number is 5. Current number is 3.
Trustees -- Per bylaws, minimum number is 5 and maximum is 11. Current number is 5.