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Barnes Scholarship Application Instructions 

The Barnes Scholarships consider these criteria equally in evaluating applications: Your academic achievements and your having overcome significant obstacles in your life. Please put your best effort into the essay that is required for this scholarship, as the essay reflects your intelligence and your education thus far and helps us to evaluate your potential for success in college. It is THE most important part of the application. 

There are 3 parts to the application. Gather the information you need before going on-line.

Part 1: The Application. 
(Note: The 2018 Barnes Application process opens August 1.)

This part asks for basic information about you. 

  • Addresses: your home address and that of your parents or guardians and your high school. 
  • Phone numbers: for you, your parents/guardians; your high school; your school counselor.
  • E mails: for you and your school counselor.
  • Test scores: ACT Composite and SAT (Reading/Writing, Math, Essay) and SAT II scores if applicable.
  • High School Information: GPA (weighted and un-weighted), your class rank, class size, graduation date (month and year), academic program (IB, AP, Honors, Dual Enrollment, etc.).
  • Colleges: Names of at least 6 colleges to which you have applied or intend to apply. The Barnes Scholarship gives preference to students who plan to attend college outside of Florida.

Part 2: Your Resume.  
These questions ask you to provide information about your academic honors; your classes (AP, IB, Honors); community service; extracurricular activities; employment; awards; athletics; other activities that have been key in forming your life experience thus far. You will type in this information in the required sections of the on-line application.

Part 3: An Essay (500 word minimum; 1,000 maximum). THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE APPLICATION.
In the essay, describe your greatest obstacle in life and how you have overcome it. It is recommended that you type this essay into the on-line application. (Note: Give this essay your best effort, in the story that you are telling as well as the presentation of the story. Check your essay for spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. Save this file as a .txt and you may be able to copy/paste it more easily into the appropriate section of the application.)

Disclosure Notice 
Information that you provide in your application will be read only by members of the Times’ Fund scholarship selection committee. No information about an applicant will appear in Times’ publications (print or Web) without your consent.

Click here to apply.