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Times Publishing Company is owned by the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. This unique ownership structure makes the Times one of the few locally owned, fully independent news organizations in the country.

Here are the brands that make up Times Publishing Company:

Our Ownership Structure

Poynter Institute for Media Studies Trustees

Paul C. Tash, Lori Bergen, Neil Brown, Stephen Buckley, Monica Davey, Paula Ellis, Conan Gallaty, Ann Marie Lipinski, Jennifer Orsi, Robert King, Kelly McBride, Jessica Navarro

times publishing company

Conan Gallaty, Neil Brown, Sherri Day, Joe DeLuca, David Denor, Sebastian Dortch,
Bruce Faulmann, Carolyn Fox, Mark Katches, Kelly McBride, Jessi Navarro, Jay Rey

Tampa Bay Newspapers, Inc. Directors & Officers

Conan Gallaty, Sherri Day, Joe DeLuca, Chris George, Jay Rey

florida trend directors

Conan Gallaty, David Denor, Bruce Faulmann, Amy Keller

Times Media Services Directors & Officers

Conan Gallaty, Bruce Faulmann,
Dave LaBell, Trisha Randall